It is important that clients are aware of their rights and responsibilities when working with us and our employees.

Support workers

  • Perform their duties to the standard you require
  • Are prompt and reliable
  • Treat you with respect and dignity at all times

The following information will assist you to understand this information, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

It is your right to expect that

  • You will be treated as an individual with dignity, consideration and privacy in accordance with the Privacy Act, 1988
  • Your rights to privacy and confidentiality are respected
  • According to the support workers experience, the level of care provided meets your individual needs
  • You may lodge a complaint or grievance, or use an advocate and have it investigated promptly

It is your responsibility

  • To treat support workers with dignity, consideration and to be non-abusive and non-threatening
  • To accept that, under Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare legislation, your home becomes a workplace for support workers visiting to provide services and that workers must perform duties in a way that does not endanger their health
  • To provide a smoke free environment while a support worker is in your home
  • Provide all cleaning and other required equipment as needed
  • Whenever possible, to give 24 hours’ notice to the Help at Home office to cancel or re-arrange a service

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